MooTrax Energizer


MooTrax Energizer when added to copper sulphate or zinc sulphate will optimize your footbath program. We are not just interested in selling a product but helping you understand the dynamics of digital dermatitis (DD). We then can customize a prevention program that will save you money

MooTrax Energizer available in 15 gallon and 55 gallon containers

Pre-Cast Concrete Tunnel Dipper


We are excited to be able to partner with Kevin Kronebush of ZeroLameness LLC to bring the best designed footbaths  in the industry to Canada. Kevin worked with herdsman and hoof trimmers for decades and redesigned how footbaths should be made to optimize results at a lower cost with less product use.

Stainless Tunnel Dipper


All Pre-Cast Concrete Tunnel Dippers have an epoxy or Polyurea liner and Granulated Non-slip floor.

The Stainless Tunnel Dipper takes footbath longevity to the next level. 

Low Profile Stainless Footbath


10' long X 30" wide  X 6.5" high

The Low-Profile Stainless Footbath option comes complete with HDPE liner sides.

The design is ideal for parlour return lanes or other places that have limited space.

Option: choose from rubber floor or polyurea coating

TP Blocks


We are Canada's distributor for TP Blocks. We have been using these blocks since 2017. They have great retention rates and cows are comfortable walking on them. The blue blocks are softer and orange blocks harder for higher wear environments. 

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We have joined forces with progressive hoof health professionals  in Canada  to bring Zerolameness  LLC products more accessible. More importantly they have the knowledge to make sure your program is a success

British Columbia:

Phil Hemphill: Heritage Hoof Trimming

(604) 302-2063

Ontario: East-Central

Steve Burns Hoof Trimming

(708) 768-8746

Derek Sweeny Hoof  Care

(613) 312-0874


Raymond Boulais: La Sabotiere