About Us

I've been around the dairy industry my whole life. Started in Ontario, Canada where I was born and raised. Started milking cows when I was 11yrs old and paid my way through school fitting and showing cows. In 1994 I established what is now Rippleview Hoof Care. Initialling trained at the International Hoof Trimming School. In 1999 I moved to Manitoba Canada where my wife, Candace,  was born and raised. While trimming in Manitoba I also worked as a district Sales Manager for Alta Genetics Inc. In 2006 the descision was made to focus on where my real passion was with hoof health. In 2006 I attended the Dairyland Hoof Care Institute, Technical Course and in 2010 returned for the Advance Course. The hoof trimming business has grown to 10,000 to 12,000 cows/year. I have made it a priority to be more than just a hoof trimmer and take the "Team Approach" to the business with open communication with the farm manager, vets and nutrtionists of each of my clients.

My business has progressed to where I focus on more than just my clients hoof health needs to also consulting, training and advising other herds ranging in size up to 10,000 cows. I assess footbath protocols, lameness prevention strategies, employee training and facility assessments. I also work with individual farms and industry partners providing on-farm hoof health workshops, provide on-farm hoof trimming training, stress-free cattle handling training and tailored made lameness prevention stratigies. 

I have been heavily involved in the Hoof Trimmer's Association and have been involved in the goverance of the association as Canadian Representative, Secretary, President Elect and most recently President (2016 - 2017). I am a believer  that we need to have evidence based solutions when it comes to hoof health and work closely with researchers specializing in hoof health and lameness prevention around the world to stay up to date on the latest research. Our goal is to take the latest research and help apply it at the farm level with practical action steps that will improve animal welfare, cow comfort and farm profitability.


"Take the right step towards Happy Healthy Cows"



  • help with footbath design & location
  • optimizing  product use
  • help manage risk factors to maximize efficiencies
  • customized lowest cost program for maximum digital dermatitis control



  • Producer workshops on lameness prevention strategies
  • Digital Dermatitis workshops.
  • Hoof Health talks


On Farm Training

  • Hoof Trimming Training
  • Lesion Indentification
  • Locomotion Scoring and early lameness detection
  • Stockmanship and Cattle handling Training