Hoof Health Workshops

On Farm Hoof Care Workshop


Initial Session (3-5 days)

  • Proper Functional Trimming Training
  • Basic Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • Lesion Identification & record keeping
  • Therapeutic Trimming and correct blocking application
  • Knife  sharpening
  • Trim area planning for efficient cattle flow, employee safety and animal safety
  • Set  trim protocol timeline
  • Develop Action Plan Checklist

Follow-up Session (3 to 5 months after Initial session)

  • 2-3 day functional & therapeutic  follow-up training
  • Evaluate trim records and Action Plan
  • Evaluate lameness detection
  • Optimize footbath efficiency 

Session Three (9 to 12 months after Initial sessions)

  • 1-3 day functional & therapeutic follow-up training
  • Evaluate trim records and Action Plan
  • Set new Hoof Health Benchmarks

The reason a farm's lameness prevention program fails is usually because of two factors:

  1. Not setting goals & insufficient record keeping
  2. Lack of fine tuning and sharpening trimmer's skill

Our program at Rippleview Hoof Care will insure that your lameness prevention program will succeed!!

We can work within your budget to design a training program that makes more Happy Healthy Cows

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Two Day Trimming Course


Day One

  • Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • Lesion Identification
  • Cadaver feet functional trimming
  • Cadaver feet therapeutic trimming
  • Proper blocking and treatment techniques
  • Knife Sharpening

Day Two

  • Functional and therapeutic trimming review
  • On-Farm live cattle trimming
  • Footbath Management
  • Lameness detection and locomotion scoring

**** Limited to four students per course for maximum one on one instruction ***

Recommended Option: Three to six months after initial training a 1 day  one on one follow-up training at  the students farm.

At Rippleview Hoof Care we believe a two day course needs to be all practical and all hands on training  for each student to have enough practice to have the confidence and skills to have success upon course completion.

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Proper Stockmanship Training


Three important parts of working with animals

  1. Proper pressure
  2. Proper communication
  3. Proper attitude

Topics Covered

  • Pressure and Release Training
  • Creating movement
  • Pen settling
  • Parlor flow training
  • Efficient movement for hoof trimming area and loadouts
  • Pre-fresh heifer training
  • Trim area design
  • "Bud Box" Concept

Benefits of Proper Cattle Handling

  • Animal welfare
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Profitability
  • Performance