Routine Trim

Routine maintenance trim

Functional Trim

Routine functional hoof trim with topical treatment for digital dermatitis

Bud Box Setup

We try to use a bud box setup as much as possible when we are of trimming. It is one of the lowest stress way to maove and process cattle to the staging lane to the trimming chute

Stress-Free Cattle Handling on Trim Day

Another video showing the budbox setup to move cows into the staging lane. You will notice as I move back beside the animals and as I past their shoulder they move forward in the direction we want the animals to go.

5 Step Method using Grinder

 A great video showing the 5 step process to functional trimming with a grinder. By friend and colleague Dr. Gerard Cramer of the University Of Minnesota.

Steps for Therapeutic Trim

Check out this great video done by Zinpro. The video shows the technique and equipment needed to perform a therapeutic trim.